Mille Carrasco

Visual Creator Wizard


Started to draw at 4 and been doing it ever since. Logos, portraits and sketches for multicorps and up on the walls.


3rd generation photographer in a photo-family from Chile. Faces and lights are keywords in the snapped shots.


First graphic recorder in Sweden 2011. Vision and future capturing with Ericsson, Swedbank & Mercedes to mention a few. Problemsolving with pen and brains to forecast the coming turn.

Streetculture & music

Early 80’s punk, hip-hop pioneer, musicproducer and designer in the music-business for 40 years. Still going strong into comics and musicgames.


Once spray grips you, there’s no turning back. The motion, the flow, the freedom it brings is a sensation to move mountains with.


Background in traditional art-school to hit the streets with spraycans in the teenages. Exploring life thrue various modes of expression till todays accomplishments.

Decorative painting

Nefertiti, Sjögräs, Nordostpassagen and Juan Font is a few to mention to be honored by the Mille-brush.

Illustrated art

Graphite, ink and markers to fullfill the dream from the youth, to become a stylistic cartoonist. Its never to late to reinvent oneself!

Feel free to connect

Why don’t send a line, creations are made in various digital and material formats. We can’t have enough friends, oness!

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